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Building a bridge of trust 3
Before the battle against the Trigeredhood of steal The Ncr and Olivia n Mike came across Micheals X-wing the ship he used to return to this planet.

Where Mike is then Reunited with his old r2 unit C4-T4
He also was able to grab his old rebel soldier uniform along the way Mike promised Olivia that he would help her find her lost family.
Now your probably wondering why dose his uniform look exactly like Johns?


Well Michael is from a different univers.
Mike is what happens if Johns jedi Father Wedded Richtofens Daiyan Mother

More on that later.
Building a bridge of trust 2
This takes place after the fight with the brotherhoods makeshift liberty prime with the goal of destroying the Main Californian hq in vegas Lucy for them the saiyan has completed his mission in playing exterminator for them so Mike and the others were heading in the same direction.

After the battle the night was very pleasant rather then setting up camp Olivia and Mike watched the green irradiated skys untill they passed out. :)
Hey guys remember sky net well after seeing this all I can feel now is RUN RUN THE FUCK AWAY  all I can think about now is the possible reality of that termenater arcade game....


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